SPERAS P10R High Powered Rechargeable LED Searchlight

On lifting the P10R model out of its hard plastic case, the first thing you’ll notice is the weight and balance – it feels just right. Sometimes the longer, dual battery torches can feel odd with an uneven distribution of weight; being either too heavy or too light at the front. The P10R’s weight feels reassuringly robust. The battery tube holds two 21700 type batteries, which are wrapped together so they can be charged inside the unit via a micro USB port. Two standard 21700 batteries can also be used. 

Speras P10R Multi-LED set-up allows for a maximum output of 8000 lumens

This light has two buttons towards the head. On pressing the top button you’ll be blasted with the full 8,000 lumens of light via the three ultra-bright Luminus LEDs. It looks like a wall of light. Very impressive. Releasing the button switches the power off. Such a momentary-on feature gives the P10R a tactical feel, even though it looks like a security searchlight. Double-tap the top button for an intense defensive strobe. Let’s just say it’s very effective at disorientating whoever is unfortunate enough to be in front of the beam! At close range it completely fills the field-of-view of any intruder, unbalancing them with an 8,000 lumen tactical strobe.

Speras P10R Side Buttons for Easy Operation

With those simple, yet immensely effective, functions via the top button, the SPERAS P10R is an outstanding torch for security applications, where you may need to disturb intruders and perhaps defend yourself in a non-lethal way. The far-reaching beam makes it an impressive searchlight and perfect for longer range security measures. But the P10R is not just about impressive power output. It’s rechargeable via the micro USB port, so you can keep it fully charged, and It has a tame side too… accessed via the lower button.

Press and hold the lower button for a sedate 100 lumens of light, which is ideal for close-up work where you don’t want to light-up everything – ideal for illuminating a path. A short press serves you the last light level used and there are 5 levels of light: Eco (100 lm), Low (500 lm), Medium (1,500 lm), High (3,000 lm) and Turbo (8,000 lm). With the light on, just quick press the lower button to change the brightness level. When you’ve selected the brightness you need, the next time you switch the light on via the lower button, it’ll activate with the previously used brightness level. No strobe function is available from the lower button, but if you need it, just double-tap the top button. Then press it again to return to the light level you were using. It’s a very clever and intuitive system that makes you feel safe and secure. There’s absolutely no doubt that if you need a rechargeable light for security use (or a mega-light for walking the dog), the P10R will have your back!