SPERAS E1T Compact EDC LED Tactical Flashlight

In a tactical situation you need equipment that’s reliable and easy to use. Simplicity is the key. The brain is unable to function properly in high-stress situations, so complicated gear can get you injured or worse. That’s why we like the LED tactical torches from SPERAS. In particular, the SPERAS E1T. The ‘T’ here stands for ‘Tactical’, not ‘Tacti-cool’. There is also a PRO version of this light, which operates in a different way as it’s intended for other applications. 

The beauty of the E1T as a tactical light is in its simplicity. There’s high mode and strobe… that’s it! When you press the switch you know 100% that you’re getting full power out the front. Half-press the switch for momentary-on and double-tap it for momentary strobe – both with full power output. It’s that simple. If you want more light levels/ modes get the E1PRO. But for an easy-to-use tactical or self-defence flashlight, the E1T is the way forward.

Equipped with a Luminus SST40 LED and smooth parabolic reflector, the E1T delivers 1700 lumens of smooth light with a max beam distance of 284m – don’t expect to identify something at that distance without optics. Its robust design means it’ll take a fall (drop tested to 2m) and a dive (waterproof to IPX-8 standard). It feels like a flashlight that will outlive its owner. But if anything should go wrong, there’s a solid 5 year warranty to back it up.

Speras E1T available in Black or Desert Sand

It’s available with either traditional black anodising or a sand/ tan finish, which feels more like a ceramic coating – we like that a lot. Being a tactical light, it has bags of grip from the machined chunky body design – no fine knurling here, which is good to see; it’s big and bold. The button is nice and easy to use. Although, thumb recesses between the shoulders on the tail-cap could do with being wider for more comfortable access, but hopefully the designers at SPERAS will include that in future iterations of this brilliantly simple flashlight. A remote switch is available for the E1T in case you wanted to weapon mount it. It has a standard 1-inch body tube so will fit most mounts.